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Larry T[aylor] Shaw Bibliography and Timeline


This Wiki is a tribute to the life and works of Larry T. Shaw.


The basic source material was an inventory compiled by his two sons, Michael and Stephen Shaw, circa 1996. I've taken the liberty of rearranging the material in chronological order, and added research notes as we've acquired new information. If you have additional information or corrections feel free to write me at alortie4@aol.com and I'll either add them or assign you a password. -- Arthur Lortie



  • 1924/11/09 - Lawrence Taylor Shaw is born in Schenectady, New York, the son of Welborn Taylor Shaw, a laborer, and Marie Gertrude Becker.




  • 1930/01 - 5-year-old Larry Shaw discovers Buck Rogers during the Tiger Men of Mars storyline that featured alien abductions and UFOs
  • 1930/06/06 - Noreen Mary Kane is born in Cleveland, Ohio, the only child of Michael and Ethel Kane



  • 1932/08/14 - Lee Shirley Bell Hoffman [later Lee Hoffman] is born in Chicago, Illinois, daughter of William E. and Vera [Ray] Hoffman 




  • 1934/01/07 - 9-year-old Larry Shaw discovers Flash Gordon. Its inaugural strip features earth threatened by a maurading planet and a Fu Manchu like villain





  • According to Jerry Bails' Who's Who and The Grand Comics Database, Larry Shaw wrote aviation fillers for Holyoke Comics, Fox Comics and Harvey Comics, plus created the character Suicide Smith for Fiction House Comics. Despite an actual byline and the accompanying real Shaw biographical information in the Who's Who, this appears to be a different Larry Shaw



  • 1942/Summer - Letter: Shaw's System Exposed in Planet Stories 
  • 1941/Fall - Letter: A Hermit Comes Out of Hiding in Planet Stories 
  • 1941-42/Winter - Letter: It's a System in Planet Stories 



  • 1942/03 - Larry publishes the first of his three 1942 issues of the fanzine Leprechaun. The fourth is not published until March, 1945 
  • Graduates high school and immediately finds employment as a copyboy for The New York Times 



  • Returns immediately to Schenectady to work as a machinist trainee for the General Electric Company



  • Returned to New York City as an assistant editor for Hat Life, a trade magazine published by Hat Life, Inc., 1123 Broadway, New York, by Robert J. Patterson, Sr.
  • Moves into 410 W 18th Street in Manhattan, an apartment occupied along with fellow fan Suddsy Schwartz
  • Begins publication of two mimeographed fanzines for the Fantasy Amateur Press Association - Caliban and Banshee [at least 6 issues of each were published] and the one-shot Cruise of the "Foo Foo Special Jr."
  • Takes over publication? of the fanzines Nebula for 9 issues -- #18 to #26, through 1944 -- and The Unknown Madman



  • Short stint as a merchant seaman, Army Transport Division
  • 1944/01 - Claude Degler and the FAPA, a  one-page, one-shot fanzine published by Larry Shaw about the "Dreaded" Claude Degler and how to deal with him.
  • Larry publishes the first of his two issues of the fanzine McSnoyd's Bulletin




  • 1945/03 - Larry publishes the final issue of the fanzine Leprechaun ["Special Poetry Issue"] after a two and a half year hiatus. Damon Knight and Judith Merril have contributions in this issue.
  • 1945/Fall - PS's Feature Flash in Planet Stories 
  • Larry publishes the second of his two issues of the fanzine McSnoyd's Bulletin



  • 1946/01 - Larry co-edits the fanzine Science*Fiction with Judy [Judith Merrill] and Dan Zissman, and contributes Here's How: The Silk Screen Process and Whodunit / Blue Pencil Blues to the issue



  • Attended New York University
  • 1947/Winter - Letter: Oh Shaw! in Planet Stories 



  • Secret Weapon by Terry Thor, pseudonym of Larry Shaw -- his first professional sale, appears in Fantasy Book #3, edited by William and Margaret Crawford [as ] 'Garret Ford'] and published by Fantasy Publishing in Los Angeles, California 








  • 1950/12 - Simworthy’s Circus by Larry T. Shaw appears in Worlds Beyond, edited by Damon Knight and published by Hillman Periodicals 





  • 1951/08 - Seeds Of Insecurity by Larry Shaw appears in Science Fiction Quarterly, edited by Robert W. Lowndes and published by Columbia Publishing 
  • 1951/09 - Stairway to the Stars, a short story by Shaw, appears in Future Combined with Science Fiction Stories, edited by Robert W. Lowndes and published by Columbia Publications, Inc. 





  • 1952 - assistant editor, Atlas Comics [Steven Rowe found this quote at an old Don Rico homepage: "When I first entered the comic book field as an assistant editor for Atlas Comics in 1952, Don Rico was considered one of the best writers, illustrators, and editors available, and was known and respected as a veteran in all these areas. When I met him, I found that his knowledge of all facets of the field was prodigious, and I know that it has increased continuously since that time. Don is "a natural". His ability to impart information is matched by his obvious enthusiasm for his subject, and he is able to hold and fascinate an audience better than most. As a comic book reader, I was familiar with Don's work for many years before I met him, and after 1952 I was privileged to observe it more closely. Don helped me learn my trade as an editor, and taught me many things that helped me become a writer for comic books and daily newspaper strips."
  • 1952/05 - True's Automobile Yearbook, edited by Dale Shaw [probably Larry]  and published by Fawcett Publications
  • 1952/05 - You Can Have A $1500 Dream Car by Larry Shaw [?] , appears in Focus, edited by Arnold Hano and published by Martin Goodman's Leading Magazine Corporation
  • 1952/10 - Warning! Dangerous Signs Ahead by Larry Shaw [?] , appears in Focus, edited by Arnold Hano and published by Martin Goodman's Leading Magazine Corporation
  • 1952/11 - The Captive Audience by Larry Shaw. appears in Science Fiction Quarterly, edited by Robert W. Lowndes and published by Columbia Publishing 
  • 1952/11 - Saucers In The Belfry, an article, by Larry Shaw, appears in Space Science Fiction, edited by Lester del Rey and published by John Raymond's Space Publications







  • 1954/03 – Larry Shaw edits his final issue of If: Worlds of Science Fiction for Quinn Publishing after 6 issues, turning the reigns over to James L. Quinn 




  • Becomes editor of Universal Publishing's Complete Road Tests, which he edits into 1956 
  • 1955/04 - Becomes editor of Universal Publishing's Rodding and Re-Styling, which he does until March, 1957, and again 1960/11 to 1962/12 and 1964/07 to 1964/09  
  • 1955/09-02 to 05 - Larry Shaw and Lee Hoffman meet at the World Science-Fiction Convention in Cleveland, Ohio [Clevention]. Ironically, his future wife, Noreen Falasca, and her then-husband Nick, were co-chairmen there 
  • 1955/11 - Larry Shaw becomes the editor of Royal PublicationsInfinity Science Fiction with its debut and for 20 issues thereafter, a position he will hold through 1958 when the magazine is cancelled. After an initial cover by Robert Engle, Ed Emshwiller takes over for the rest of the run. Authors included Brian W. Aldiss, Poul AndersonIsaac Asimov [5 entries], Charles BeaumontJames Blish [4], Robert BlochAlgis Budrys [6], Kenneth Bulmer [2], Charles Burbee, A. Bertram Chandler [2], John Christopher, Arthur C. Clarke, [4], Chester Cohen, Betsy Curtis, John Bernard Daley [2], Chan Davis, L. Sprague de Camp, Charles V. De Vet, Lester del Rey, Gordon R. Dickson, G. C. Edmondson, Harlan Ellison [6], Carlton J. Fassbinder, Charles L. Fontenay [4], H. B. Fyfe, Randall Garrett [7], Robert Ernest Gilbert, Lee Gregor, Dean A. Grennell [2], James E. Gunn, Edward Halibut, David C. Hodgkins, John Jakes, Dave Jenrette, Ivar Jorgenson, Walter L. Kleine, Damon Knight [4], C. M. Kornbluth, Allen K. Lang [2], Fritz Leiber, Milton Lesser, Edward W. Ludwig, Winston K. Marks [2], David Mason [5], Ford McCormack, Dean McLaughlin, William F. Nolan, Chad Oliver, Leslie Perri, John Victor Peterson [3], Peter Phillips, Frederik Pohl, Tom Purdom, Arthur H. Rapp, Robert Sheckley [3], John Silletto, Robert Silverberg [13; including 2 as by Calvin M. Knox and 1 as by Webber Martin], Clifford D. Simak [2], Henry Slesar [2], Richard R. Smith [2], Jerry Sohl, Charles A. Stearns, William Tenn, E. C. Tubb, Jack Vance, Edward Wellen [7], Richard Wilson [7], Andy Young and Robert F. Young [3] 
  • 1955/11 - The same month he becomes editor of Royal Publications' Suspect Detective Stories, a position he will hold through October, 1956
  • 1955/11 - Essay: A Matter of Steps in Infinity Science Fiction  




  • 1956/02 - Essay: The Sense of Huh? in Infinity Science Fiction 
  • 1956/02 - Larry Shaw published Harlan Ellison's first  magazine story Glow Worm in Infinity Science Fiction [Harlan had previously sold a story, Upheaval!, to EC Comics, published in Weird Science-Fantasy #24, dated 1954/06] 
  • 1956/Spring - Larry Shaw marries Lee Hoffman in New York 
  • 1956/06 - Essay: R. S. V. P. in Infinity Science Fiction 
  • 1956/08 - Essay: Down With People! in Infinity Science Fiction 
  • 1956/09 - The Baker Murder Case, written by Larry Shaw and illustrated by Jack Gaughan is published in the fanzine Inside #16
  • 1956/12 - Essay: 13 to the Nth Power in Infinity Science Fiction 
  • 1956/12 - Larry Shaw becomes editor of Science Fiction Adventures, a position he will hold through June, 1958, all issues published. His 10 essays here [The Fan-Space] were bylined as by Archibald Destiny.




  • 1957/02 - Essay: Awards and A-Bombs in Infinity Science Fiction 
  • 1957/04 - Essay: Any Old Saws Today? in Infinity Science Fiction 
  • •1957/Summer - A suggestion by musician Dave Van Ronk spurs Lee Hoffman to publish the first of 15 issues of her fanzine Caravan [listing Larry Shaw as co-editor]. Caravan is likely the first fanzine devoted to folk music. 
  • 1957/06 - Essay: Some News is Good News in Infinity Science Fiction 
  • 1957/07 - Essay: But Is It Science Fiction? in Infinity Science Fiction 
  • 1957/09 - Essay: Wanted: Volunteers in Infinity Science Fiction 
  • 1957/09/06-09 - Larry Shaw and Lee Hoffman attend LonCon I, held in London at the King's Court Hotel
  • 1957/09 - Larry Shaw begins writing the syndicated comic strip Flash Gordon at the request of writer / artist Dan Barry, contributing both daily and Sunday scripts through 1958 when writer Harry Harrison joined Barry in Italy. Larry recorded his involvement in two articles in Ed Cox's fanzine  Esdacyos #22 and #23 in 1973-74. The stories he wrote were:
      • 1957/08/19 - 1957/10/19 daily: Cybernia
      • 1957/10/21 - 1957/12/07 daily: Radioactive Loot
      • 1957/12/09 - 1958/01/25 daily: The Time Pendulum 
      • 1957/12/01 - 1958/01/12 Sunday: The Lonely Crow
      • 1958/01/19 - 1958/03/09 Sunday: Missiles From Neptune
      • 1958/03/16 - 1958/06/15 Sunday: Robinson Crusoe In Space 
  • 1957/10 - Essay: Reflections While Flexing in Infinity Science Fiction 
  • 1957/11 - Essay: In This Corner in Infinity Science Fiction  




  • Larry Shaw and Lee Hoffman are divorced 
  • 1958/01 - Essay: Tomorrowness in Infinity Science Fiction
  • 1958/03 - Essay: Any Old Brains for Sale? in Infinity Science Fiction
  • 1958/04 - Essay: The Infinity Awards in Infinity Science Fiction
  • 1958/06 - Essay: Roundup Time Again in Infinity Science Fiction
  • 1958/08 - Essay: About Face in Infinity Science Fiction
  • 1958/10 - Essay: Science Thru Science Fiction in Infinity Science Fiction
  • 1958/11 - Essay: On With the Old in Infinity Science Fiction 




  • 1959/01 - Managing editor of Untamed; through 1960/07 
  • 1959/07/17 - Larry Shaw and Noreen (Falasca) Kane marry in a civil ceremony in New York City, New York
  • 1959/12 - edits his first issue of Cars, which he does until1960/11 




  • 1960/06/20 - Michael Evan Shaw is born in Doctor's Hospital,  New York City, New York, to Larry T. and Noreen Shaw 
  • Larry and Noreen begin publishing the fanzine Ice Age, which lasts 4 issues. 




  • 1961/04- AXE, a monthly fanzine edited by Larry and Noreen Shaw begins, ending in August 1963. It started as a newszine to boost the Tenth Anniversary Willis Fund. It died as a consequence of the Shaws moving back to the Midwest from New York. 
  • 1961/12/21 - Stephen Lawrence Shaw is born in Doctor's Hospital, New York City, New York, to Larry T. and Noreen Shaw




  • 1962/05 - Becomes editor of two magazines, Speed Mechanics and Hop-Up, which he handles through 1962/12
  • 1962/07 - Creates and edits the successful magazine Car Model. He continued through 1964/02, but the magazine is still published today [??] 
  • 1962/08/31 to 1962/09/03 - Larry and Noreen Shaw attend ChiCon II in Chicago, Illinois. They are nominated for a Hugo Award for Best Fanzine [for Axe] but lose to Richard Bergeron's Warhoon 
  • 1962/10 - Becomes editor at Regency Books, Evanston, Illinois, through 1963/07 




  • 1963/07 - Larry Shaw begins editing Irwin Stein's Lancer Books, a position he will hold through 1968/10. Of this run he is quoted as saying "I developed for publication in paperback such best selling characters as The Man from O.R.G.Y. and Conan the Barbarian; I was also largely responsible for the introduction and early development in paperback form of the modern Gothic mystery, and occult subjects."
  • 1963/Summer - Speech on Kuttner: ESFA March 2, 1958 by Larry T. Shaw, appears in the fanzine HKLPLOD, published by Mike McInerney.
  • Great Science Fiction Adventures, an anthology edited by Shaw and featuring an Emsh cover, is published by Lancer Books. It includes four novellas originally published during his tenure on Science Fiction Adventures: The Starcombers by Edmond Hamilton (from 1956/12); Hunt the Space-Witch! by Robert Silverberg (1958/01); The Man from the Big Dark by John Brunner (1958/06); and The World Otalmi Made by Harry Harrison (1958/01)  






  • 1968/10 - Larry Shaw becomes editor for Dell Publications, a position he will hold through 1969/07
  • Great Science Fiction Adventures, a 1963 anthology edited by Shaw, is reprinted, replacing the Emsh cover with one by Kelly Freas, a partial reprint from an earlier edition of Asimov's The End of Eternity 



  • 1969/09 The Shaw family moves to North Hollywood, California 
  • Larry Shaw becomes Senior Editor for American Art Enterprises, Chatsworth, California, a position he will hold through 1975/05, editing three paperback imprints,, and founding Canyon Books and Major Books



  • Larry Shaw establishes the Larry T. Shaw Literary Agency, in Van Nuys, California




  • 1979/07 - Methods for Murder by Larry T. Shaw, appears in Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, edited by Sam Merwin, Jr. and published by Renown Publications 
  • 1979/09 - Mike Shayne Mystery Makers [biographies of Smith & Fritch] by Larry T. Shaw, appears in Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, edited by Sam Merwin, Jr. and published by Renown Publications


                   Larry Shaw at Lancer, 1968. Photo © Andrew Porter


  • 1984/08/30 to 1984/09/03 - Larry Shaw receives a Special Committee Award for Lifetime Achievement as a science fiction editor at L.A. Con II in Anaheim, California



  • 1985/04/01 - Larry Shaw passes away from cancer in Twin Oaks, California
  • 1985/04 - Larry Shaw 1924-1985, a reminiscence by Len Moffat, appears in File 770, published by Mike Glyer
  • 1985/05 - Larry Shaw obituary appears in Locus #292 
  • 1985/05/24 - Larry Shaw obituary appears in The Comics Buyer's Guide #??, published by Krause Publications, Inc.
  • 1985/06 - Larry Shaw obituary appears in Science Fiction Chronicle #69
  • 1985/08 - Larry Shaw reminiscence appears in Algis Budrys' column in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction




  • 1994/01/17 - Northbridge Earthquake destroys Noreen Shaw's apartment. The family escapes relatively unscathed, but much of Larry and Noreen's science fiction collection is destroyed 




  • 2005/05/25 - Noreen Shaw passes away suddenly of a massive heart attack in her apartment in the Valley Village section of Los Angeles, California 




  • 2007/02/06 - Lee Hoffman dies in Port Charlotte, Florida, of a massive heart attack 






Dates of employment for

    • The  Scott Meredith Agency
    • Topics Publishing Co.
    • Atlas Comics
    • editor for "various trade journals in the food, drug and clothing industry
    • Associate editor of various comic books [presumably at Atlas Comics?] 

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